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Talent idea

Uphold the "respect for the value of human, the potential of developing people, the spirit of sublimation", and make eight a steepen enterprise, in which ordinary people become excellent people, excellent people become outstanding people, and a constant stream of people is here to realize their dreams of life.

Training and bringing up a team of talents to win the market lead, create organizational advantages, lead value orientation, have a sense of mission and responsibility, support the realization of the strategic goal, is the eight steepness and continuous talent pursuit.

Care for employees from life, emotion and growth.

Cherish your own inner dreams and pursuits, for dreams are more energetic, more creative, more motivated to transcend other organizations and individuals, and to achieve the sublimation of self state.

Respect for the value of human beings

We advocate that all people are talents. As long as you agree with the concept of eight steep, as long as you have professional spirit and professional quality, as long as you can create performance, are eight steep people, can become XX talent.

Advocating the common growth of enterprise value and employee value, with the development of the enterprise, employees also get the rewards and posts adapted to their own pay, and realize the value recognition.

Employees should have eight steep working experiences to produce eight steep brand effects and have higher market value.

Developing human potential

The talent development is placed at the strategic height, and the opportunity to study, the opportunity to work, the opportunity to challenge self are constantly provided to the staff, which is the greatest respect for the eight people and the greatest kindness to the employees.

Efforts should be made to optimize the selection, training, use and retention mechanism of talents, emphasizing the performance oriented users, scientific evaluation and selection, all-round and multi-level cultivation of people, fully excavating the potential of human beings, and making the best of the talents.

The spirit of sublimation

Following the concept of "all people oriented, population driven growth, respect for humanistic spirit and improvement of people's life", eight steepness of all business activities for people to live better and exist. This is the meaning of XX people's work, life and growth. It is also a spiritual pursuit of eight higher levels of human beings.

Through cultural training, value modeling, mechanism incentive, work experience and other ways, create a kind of inspiring and promoting atmosphere for human growth, stimulate staff's career, responsibility, sense of mission, lead the staff to explore the work and the meaning of life, strive for a higher level of spiritual sublimation, to achieve beyond the interests of the individual above. Pursuit.